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 Selected Creative Work 

  • [350+ literary (primarily poetry) publications]

Schwartzman, R. (2010). Messy erasure. Heavy Hands Ink, 2, 23.

Schwartzman, R. (2002, May). Deferences to references. Sol Magazine.

  • 1st Place, Sol Magazine Pick My Poem International Poetry Competition, May 2002.

  • Poem of the Month, Sol Magazine, May 2002.

Schwartzman, R. (2002, March). Persistence. Sol Magazine.

  • 1st Place, Sol Magazine Blossoms in the Snow International Poetry Competition, March 2002.

Schwartzman, R. (2001). Winter coherences along Myrtle Beach. Red Booth Review, 6. Also published in W. T. Pfefferle (Ed.), RBR 2K1: Red Booth Review (p. 35). Baltimore, MD: Red Booth Review.

Schwartzman, R. (1995). The forgotten at Long Beach. In R. J. Schmidt & Carrie Neumann (Eds.), Golden Lines on Golden Wings (p. 32). Grayling, MI: Green Gate Publishing. Also published as Schwartzman, R. (1993, March/April). The forgotten at Long Beach. Poetic Page, 5(2), 26.

  • 1st Place, Poets at Work International Poetry Competition, Sept. 1995.

Featured Poet, Manna magazine, Spring 1994.

Schwartzman, R. (1993, Aug.) The unkindest cut. Poet’s Pouch, 1(1), 8.

  • 1st Place, Poet’s Pouch magazine “Express Yourself” National Short Fiction and Essay Contest, August 1993.

Schwartzman, R. (1989). Pendulums. Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, 10, 140.

  • 1st Honorable Mention, Nevada Poetry Society Annual National Contest, 1986.

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