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Courses Taught

Note: Names of courses may vary according to the term or the university where they are taught. The course titles listed below are the most commonly used.

  • Fundamentals of Oral Communication (comprehensive introductory performance course covering public speaking, interviewing, group communication, interpersonal communication)

  • Communication Theory (graduate & undergraduate)

  • History of Rhetorical Theory (graduate & undergraduate)

  • Propaganda

  • Voices of the Holocaust

  • Witnessing the Holocaust (honors)

  • The Holocaust, Prejudice, and Social Justice (graduate)

  • Genocide Watch (honors)

  • Rhetoric of Science & Technology (honors)

  • Science Fiction Film (graduate & undergraduate)

  • Argumentation

  • Introduction to Debate

  • Policy Debate (honors)

  • Business & Professional Communication

  • Interviewing

  • Persuasion (graduate & undergraduate)

  • Mythic Analysis (graduate)

  • American Public Address (graduate & undergraduate)

  • Classical Rhetoric

  • Senior Capstone

  • Pandemic Communication

  • Rhetoric & Public Argument (graduate)

  • Political Communication

  • Communication Research Methods (graduate)

  • Communication Ethics

  • Battling Bigotry (graduate & undergraduate)

  • Marxist Critical Analysis (graduate)

Allied Disciplines
  • Composition I

  • Composition II

  • Introduction to Literature & the Research Paper

  • Humanities I

  • Humanities II

  • Introduction to Philosophy

Syllabus Storehouse

For more syllabi and teaching materials, visit Dr. Roy's page. Note: Any course materials serve as examples of what has been used and do not necessarily reflect current material for that course.

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